Mindfulness Education for Pre-service Teachers in Appalachia

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Our goal in the Master of Arts in Teaching Program at East Tennessee State University is to prepare effective teachers who will bring out the potential of their future students. This is difficult when teacher candidates themselves are under such stress that it affects their performance and professional motivation. Mindfulness, emerging as a powerful factor in increasing learning and focus, is introduced in EDFN 5420. The focus of this course is to build relationships and community among participating students, a relevant factor for retention and completion in college. Thirty years ago, mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) was shown to reduce psychological and physical stress-related symptoms. (Robins et al 2011; Greenland 2010, pg 23) More recently, a few other studies explained the purpose of mindfulness-based programs for pre-service teachers and novice teachers to ease stress and reduce burnout. (Hue and Lau 2015; Roeser et al 2013; Gavish and Friedman 2010; Friedman 2000).


Prestonsburg, KY

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