Radical Reflections: Short-, Medium-, and Long-term Tools for Connecting More Meaning to What You Teach

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Our goals as teachers are to connect what we teach to our student’s lived experiences, both in the moment they first encounter those ideas and hopefully days, months, years, decades later when they are engaging in their unique life pursuits. In this session, we will explore the defining characteristics of reflections and engage examples that can be used in various time frames, class sizes, and course modalities. These intentional, purposeful, and systemic reflections built into a course’s overall structure have the radical opportunity to support critical and inclusive moments for developing linked meanings with our content. Specific moments for deep reflection are an intentional part of building the radical praxis of hope that brings life and vitality back into learning. This interactive session will offer you a chance to consider more ways to add more deeply considered reflections into your courses.


Johnson City, TN