Belize It: Early Resident Experience in a Global Surgery Rotation

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A global surgical rotation program has been developed at La Loma Luz Adventist Hospital in San Ignacio, Belize, by the Department of Surgery at East Tennessee State University in 2014. It encompasses a one-month rotation for surgery residents to travel to Belize, accompanied by a senior surgical attending, to participate in direct patient care. Residents are able to operate under supervision and practice both perioperative and medical management. Practitioners often collaborate with permanent facility surgeons and internists in order to assist with cases, discuss different practice strategies, and, ultimately, tailor patient care. In addition to providing residents with surgical experience, this rotation aims to advance the overall standard of medical care available to the community. Additional aims include healthcare promotion and education of patients. While this rotation was developed to provide residents surgical experience in an underserved country, we hope that it will further cultivate volunteerism and foster future participation.