Examining Effects of Age on Outcomes after Nontraditional Motorized Vehicle Accidents

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This study examined patient outcomes from accidents involving nontraditional motorized vehicles. A total of 558 patients aged >17 years were observed retrospectively. The study groups were divided by age. The Adult Trauma Group (ATG) (N=452) consisted of patients aged 18-64 years and the Elderly Trauma Group (ETG) (N=106) consisted of patients aged ≥65 years. All-terrain vehicle (ATV) accidents were the most common (N=437, 78%) among both study groups and also the primary cause of death, with 17 deaths (4%). The most common discharge disposition was home or self-care (routine discharge) with 427 patients (77%). The mortality rate of the total population was 4.1% (23 total deaths). There was a statistically significant difference in length of hospital stay (p=0.03) and length of Intensive Care Unit (ICU) stay (p=0.03) between the two groups and patients ≥65 years were statistically more likely to be discharged to a care facility vs. home. Nontraditional motorized vehicles continue to grow in popularity in all ages and the effect of age on patient outcomes after injury is an important area to evaluate.