Artificial Intelligence in Modern Medicine - The Evolving Necessity of the Present and Role in Transforming the Future of Medical Care

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The dexterity of computer systems to resemble and mimic human intelligence is artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence has reformed the diagnostic and therapeutic precision and competence in various fields of medicine. Artificial intelligence appears to play a bright role in medical diagnosis. Computer systems using artificial intelligence help in the assessment of medical images and enormous data. This research aims to identify how artificial intelligence-based technology is reforming the art of medicine. Artificial intelligence empowers providers in improving efficiency and overall healthcare. Newer machine learning techniques lead the automatic diagnostic systems. Areas of medicine such as medical imaging, automated clinical decision-making support have made significant advances with respect to artificial intelligence technology. With improved diagnosis and prognosis, artificial intelligence possesses the capability to revolutionize various fields of medicine. Artificial intelligence has its own limitations and cannot replace a bedside clinician. In the evolving modern medical digital world, physicians need to support artificial intelligence rather than fear it replacing trained physicians for improved healthcare.