Topical Absorption of Isopropyl Alcohol Induced Cardiac and Neurologic Deficits in an Adult Female With Intact Skin

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Topical exposure to isopropyl alcohol has been reported in the literature to be toxic if sufficient isopropyl alcohol is absorbed (1-5). A clinical case is reported where a 48-y-old female presented with multiple unexplained cardiac and neurological deficits. The woman had developed the deficits over a 6-mo period in which she had been soaking towels with isopropyl alcohol and applying then to her skin overnight to ease arm pain she was experiencing. Cessation of the isopropyl alcohol exposure resolved her deficits within 3 d. A controlled repeat dermal exposure to isopropyl alcohol under clinical observation reproduced the deficits noted with corresponding serum and urine concentrations of isopropyl alcohol and acetone. Cessation of topical isopropyl alcohol exposure lead to subsequent resolution of all toxicities.

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