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This editorial chapter addresses the problem of burnout in academic libraries by introducing a fusion of principles from trauma-informed care (TIC) and Constructive Living (CL) to offer unique, easy-to-incorporate plans of action to identify and mitigate symptoms of burnout. These two action-based philosophies, which may be new to most readers, provide strategies for considering, practicing, and adopting perspectives and behaviors that may give those suffering from burnout new ways of thinking about their professional and personal lives. We identify accessible opportunities to connect mind and body in self-care to neutralize negative self-talk, regain perspective and balance, and foster lifelong resiliency at a pace wholly determined by the individual and without formal training or expense.

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This chapter originally appeared in the title Academic Librarian Burnout: Causes and Responses (ISBN: 978-0838948569), published by the Association of College & Research Libraries.