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Open Guitar Building Project


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The ETSU Guitar Project’s Open Education Resource (OER) site is a repository of shareable files developed and used in the design & fabrication of electric and acoustic guitars. Begun in 2010, the ETSU Guitar Building Program is affiliated with the NSF-sponsored, national STEM Guitar Project to increase student engagement in the STEM disciplines from K-12 to Higher Ed. Guitar design, prototyping & build activities in the ENTC 3600 Manufacturing Technologies course use a hands-on mix of 2D CADD, 3D modeling, traditional woodworking, CNC routing and laser etching operations in a custom shop-type environment to create unique electric solid body and semi-hollow body electric guitars. Beginning in 2019, the Engineering Technology program faculty began partnering with faculty in ETSU’s groundbreaking Department of Bluegrass, Old Time, and Roots Music Studies program in building acoustic instruments. Designs of common and specialty acoustic instrument building including luthiers’ tooling, molds, templates, jigs and fixtures as well as alternative bracing are available from this repository.

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Open Guitar Building Project