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MS (Master of Science)



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Committee Chair or Co-Chairs

Lee M. Pike, Cecilia A. McIntosh

Committee Members

Hugh A. Miller III


Flavonoids are chemically modified by glucosylation, hydroxylation, methylation, etc. During glucosylation, the sugar moiety from UDP-sugar is transferred to aglycone flavonoid substrates by glucosyltransferases (GTs). Grapefruit contains 5 different glucosyltransferases that demonstrate differences in not only substrate but also position specificity. Previous research obtained 3 putative 5’ grapefruit GT clones using SMART RACE RT-PCR with a degenerate gene specific primer based on a highly conserved sequence area in the Plant Secondary Product Glucosyltransferase box. The objective of this research was to use clone specific primers to obtain 3’ clones of the 3 previously mentioned 5’ clones as well as verify putative GT candidacy based on sequence data. Two of the 3 putative GT candidates were designated non-GTs following 3’end sequencing. During pursuit of sequence for the remaining 5’ clone, 1 full-length clone and 1 partial putative GT clone were obtained. To verify GT status, the clones must undergo expression/biochemical characterization.

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Thesis - restricted


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