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MS (Master of Science)


Biomedical Sciences

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Antonio E. Rusinol

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Douglas P. Thewke, Robert V. Schoborg


Ras is a central player in signal transduction that mediates cellular proliferation and differentiation. Recent evidence has shown that lipid and non-lipid modified domains participate in Ras traffic and that plasma membrane association is mediated by vectorial vesicular transport from the endomembrane system. ERp57, an ER chaperone, has been shown to specifically bind farnesylated Hras but not non-farnesylated Hras. The objective of this study was to determine if ERp57 participates in Ras trafficking and function. First, the effect of ERp57 knock down by siRNA technology on Hras function was studied; there was a reduction in ERp57 cellular levels that led to a decrease of active ras. Second, specific anti-ERp57 antibodies were delivered into 3T3 cells expressing GFP-ras chimeras to observe the effect on intracellular trafficking. Anti-ERp57 antibodies blocked Hras plasma membrane localization but not Kras suggesting that ERp57 may be involved in Hras intracellular trafficking and function.

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Thesis - unrestricted


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