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MA (Master of Arts)



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Theresa A. Lloyd

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Charles S. Olson, Roberta Herrin


John Fox, Jr. provides commentary on the changing roles of Progressive Era women in The Trail of the Lonesome Pine, The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come, “A Cumberland Vendetta,” and “The Pardon of Becky Day.” Fox’s portrayals provide evidence that although he recognized the changes in his society with women spearheading reform, he did not entirely approve of these changes or of women taking an aggressive role in advocating change.

This thesis provides textual examples and analysis demonstrating Fox’s beliefs. Chapter two focuses on the stories of “The Pardon of Becky Day” and “A Cumberland Vendetta.” Chapter three analyzes The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come and focuses on the relationships of Chad Buford, Margaret Dean, and a mountain girl named Melissa. Chapter four analyzes the relationship between June Tolliver and Jack Hale from The Trail of the Lonesome Pine. Chapter five concludes the thesis and analysis of Fox’s commentary on women and gender roles.

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