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MA (Master of Arts)



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Isabel B. Stanley

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Mary Hurd, Ronald K. Giles


In this master’s thesis, I shall examine Graham Greene’s place in criticism of the British novel by focusing on The Third Man and The Quiet American. In terms of theoretical approach, I shall focus on a close, critical reading of the texts employing elements of cultural, historical, psychological, and genre criticism. With the films, I shall focus on lighting and shot formation along with the abilities of the directors and actors. These works have not been studied jointly before as literature or as film or as a combination thereof. Nevertheless, such study proves worthwhile. My thesis is also the first lengthy comparison of the two film versions of The Quiet American. Given that Phillip Noyce’s 2002 film is so new, little lengthy criticism exists. Even though Joseph Mankiewicz’s 1957 film has been available for over forty years, no serious scholarship exists on it. My thesis will fill this critical lacuna.

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Thesis - unrestricted


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