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EdD (Doctor of Education)


Educational Leadership

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Louise L. MacKay

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Nancy Dishner, Pamela Evanshen, Russell F. West


The workforce in the United States is aging. Teachers, like all other workers in the country, are also aging. The veteran teachers in our nation's public schools possess wisdom gained through their on-the-job experience. With looming teacher shortages in our public schools, it is imperative that we retain this wisdom. Administrators, school boards, and the community have an obligation to tap this wisdom for the benefit of children. This study was conducted, therefore, with the purpose of learning how to do that.

The data were collected through the process of one-on-one interviews with 21 veteran teachers in Knox County, Tennessee. This was done to make use of the knowledge gained by actual working professionals.

The findings of this study were that veteran teachers did have a great deal of wisdom to share. The 21 interviewed teachers gave information that allowed the researcher to compile recommendations as to how administrators and other interested parties could retain and motivate all teachers, whether veteran or novice.

The results of this study might prove useful to anyone interested in retaining teachers in our nation's schools. This knowledge could benefit the education of our nation's most valuable resource--our children.

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Dissertation - unrestricted


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