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MA (Master of Arts)



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Joel J. Hillhouse

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David J. Marx, Roger C. Bailey


Using the Theory of Alternative Behavior (Jaccard, 1981), we examined the relationship of warmth sensuousness, physical sensuousness, and sensation seeking to individuals' tanning salon behaviors, intentions, and attitudes among undergraduates at a Southeastern university.

Females, high sensation seekers, those high in warmth sensuousness, and those with darker skin types were more likely to tan. Females were more likely to intend to tan in the next year. Those higher in warmth sensuousness were more likely to intend to tan more than 10 times in the next year. Females and subjects higher in warmth sensuousness had more positive attitudes toward tanning. Significant interactions were found between warmth sensuousness and sensation seeking in the predictions of intention of tanning within the next year, and intentions of tanning more than 10 times within the next year. For both interactions, as sensation seeking increased, the relationship between warmth sensuousness and intentions strengthened.

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