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MS (Master of Science)


Computer and Information Science

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Terry Countermine

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Gordon L. Bailes Jr., Ruth Verhegge


There is an absence of a complete, easy to use, software system that can evaluate all areas of wellness. Although there are software programs and equipment available to examine certain aspects of wellness, they are incomplete. The solution to the difficulties of assessing wellness is the design and development of a software system that can be used to collect and evaluate wellness information. The system allows for complete reporting as it entails the six major components to wellness: demographics, body composition, lab work, nutritional intake, physical activity, and body measures. The system allows for ease of use by providing a user-friendly environment that provides multiple methods of data entry and utilizes existing software and equipment. A complete and easy to use integrated system will promote the process of evaluating wellness and improving the user’s overall health.

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Thesis - unrestricted


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