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EdD (Doctor of Education)


Educational Leadership

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Russell O. Mays

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Russell F. West, Louise L. MacKay, Jack Rhoton


In 1994, the Federal Government made a commitment to link all classrooms, libraries, businesses, and industries to the information highway by the year 2000. President Clinton mandated that all classrooms in America be connected to the Internet by the year 2000. While many say this commitment and mandate have successfully occurred, there is still concern and questions about what successful integration of the Internet looks like and what specific practices can tap the bountiful resources available on the Internet. School systems have spent billions of dollars investing in hardware, software, and connection to the World Wide Web. Stakeholders demand accountability for time and money spent connecting our classrooms to the World Wide Web. Until educators fully understand what successful integration looks like in the K-12 schools, there will continue to be a digital divide for learners.

In this qualitative study, which covers K-12 school systems in a three state area, the researcher interviewed system level supervisors of technology, building level administrators, and classroom teachers. The teachers selected for participation in this study were nominated by the administrators as teachers who demonstrate successful integration of Internet technology in the classroom. This study is an attempt to determine if there are trends, characteristics, or successful practices that other teachers could employ.

Findings of the study include the importance of re-evaluating staff development related to the Internet and other technology issues. The results indicate that teachers are most receptive to learning from their peers and other teacher leaders when learning how to integrate the Internet into their classroom curricula.

The importance of a planned vision, created by the stakeholders, concerning integration of Internet technology also emerged during the study. In addition, the study addresses the need for building level administrators to be better prepared in order to lead their schools in successful practices concerning integration of the Internet into school curricula.

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Dissertation - unrestricted


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