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MS (Master of Science)



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Tammy A. Davidson

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Hamid S. Kasmai, Chu-Ngi Ho


It has been previously shown that micelles formed from surfactants with chiral head groups serve to induce a chiral reaction medium, leading to enhanced enantioselectivities in the reaction products. This utilization of chiral surfactants will offer an economical alternative to traditional chial solvents while simultaneously reducing organic waste. We have successfully dimethlated S-leucinol in an 85% yield, and have synthesized a hydrocarbon-based surfactant with this molecule as a head group. We have also formed polymeric surfactants that have polydimethylsiloxane as the hydrophobic portion with the (S)-dimethylleucinol as a head group. Tests of the solubility of these surfactants have been conducted. We also have done a reduction of a ketone in 95% ethanol and 1.3%-4% (w/v) surfactants, resulting in ee. 5.4%-6.6%.

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