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MS (Master of Science)



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Aleksey Vasiliev

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Gregory Bishop, Abbas Shilabin


This study addresses the critical environmental issue of elevated nitrate levels in water bodies, primarily due to excessive use of nitrogenous fertilizers and improper waste disposal. It focuses on reducing nitrate concentrations in polluted water to permissible levels through the effectiveness of hybrid materials in nitrate adsorption. We synthesized nine amino-functionalized adsorbents using grafting and sol-gel techniques. Batch adsorption tests confirmed the high nitrate adsorption capacities of these adsorbents, with sol-gel materials showing the highest efficiency due to their abundant amino group contents. Among these, the surfactant-free, sol-gel adsorbent was the most effective, combining ease of synthesis with cost-efficiency. Our study of temperature dependence revealed optimal nitrate removal at ambient conditions and decreased capacity at higher temperatures. These adsorbents remained highly efficient over five adsorption/regeneration cycles. This research significantly advances efficient nitrate removal methods, presenting a promising approach for environmental remediation.

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Thesis - unrestricted


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