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MS (Master of Science)



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Catherine E. McCusker

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Gregory W. Bishop, Dane W. Scott


Metal complexes of dipyrromethene (dipyrrins) used as sensitizers in photocatalysis offer a way to harness solar energy in chemical bonds to create new fuels. This offers the dual role of reducing fossil fuel dependence and atmospheric CO2 levels. Traditionally, metal dipyrrin complexes are synthesized using substituted pyrroles, aldehydes, and transition metals. Indoles have a more expanded pi-electron system and their dipyrrin-type complex may exhibit visible light absorption, suggesting that they can act as photosensitizers for CO2 reduction processes. A novel indoledipyrromethene was synthesized using unsubstituted indole and mesitaldehyde. The complex exhibits visible light absorption at 422 nm. Its Zn coordinated complex it likely to exhibit blue-green light absorption making it suitable as a sensitizer for CO2 photoreduction and other applications.

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Thesis - unrestricted


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