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MS (Master of Science)



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Andrew Joyner

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William Tollefson, Eileen Ernenwein


Mesoscale networks, also known as Mesonets, are advanced environmental monitoring systems that consist of multiple high-quality weather stations that collect meteorological data at frequent intervals (5 minutes or less). Tennessee currently lacks a Mesonet system, and this study identifies suitable and feasible locations for stations in all 95 counties. Layers needed to develop the suitability model included land cover, road centerlines, elevation, flood zones, building footprints, and hydrologic soil types. Geospatial analysis techniques were used to process and combine these layers to identify suitable areas. Once suitable areas were determined, a feasibility assessment that examined land ownership, accessibility, and cell coverage was conducted and multiple potential station locations were identified in each county. The establishment of the Tennessee Mesonet is expected to enhance weather monitoring and provide reliable environmental data for multiple sectors, including emergency management, agriculture, transportation, conservation, health, and many more.

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Thesis - embargo


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