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MS (Master of Science)



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T. Andrew Joyner

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Joshua X. Samuels, Blaine W. Schubert


Fossil localities across the state of Tennessee and the data related to those sites were compiled from Tennessee Division of Geology Bulletin 84, titled “Tennessee’s Prehistoric Vertebrates,” and stored in a Microsoft Access geodatabase housed by the Department of Collections at the East Tennessee State University Museum of Natural History located at the Gray Fossil Site. Included in the database are forms to enter new site localities, view information about those already entered, view and add data to a master faunal list for the state, view sites repository information and store and add documents that are key-word searchable from the main menu. This database was compiled to give researchers a straightforward and easy to use means of analyzing known information about paleontological sites across the state, with the potential to be expanded worldwide. Conservation of data is crucial and can be lost over time unless data preservation efforts are made.

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Thesis - embargo


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