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MS (Master of Science)


Clinical Nutrition

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Whitney Bignell

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Michelle Lee, Michelle Johnson


The rapidly growing rate of the older adult population has created a need to better understand younger adults’ self-perceptions of aging and current trends of ageism. The purpose of this secondary data analysis research project was to determine changes, if any, in participants’ self-perception of aging after the Socially Nutritious facilitator or nutrition ambassador volunteer training, which aims to develop knowledge and skills related to aging trends, older adult nutrition, preventing ageism, and communication and educational considerations when working with older adults. Findings indicate that participants with more frequent interactions with older adults had a more positive perception of their aging at pre-test than those with less frequent interactions. However, these differences diminished at post-test. Training that includes information about healthy aging, as well as addressing ageism, may lead to a more positive self-perception of aging.

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Thesis - unrestricted


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