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MFA (Master of Fine Arts)



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Tema Stauffer

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Sage Perrott, Michael Fowler


The photographer discusses his work in Reclamation: The Towns of the Virginia Coalfields, a Master of Fine Arts thesis exhibit held at the Tipton Gallery from February 12th through February 23, 2024. The exhibition focuses on coal towns located in the southwestern part of Virginia. The exhibition consists of 20 framed, archival inkjet prints. Each framed work is 36” x 24” and is representative of the artist’s exploration of the towns. A catalog of the exhibit is included at the end of this thesis.

Owens examines formal and conceptual artistic influences, both historical and contemporary. Historic and contemporary photographic influences include Dorothea Lange, Victoria Sambunaris, Carol Highsmith, Andrew Borowiec, Stacy Kranitz, Frank Hunter, Mike Smith, and Builder Levy.

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Thesis - unrestricted


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