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MS (Master of Science)


Speech-Language Pathology

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Teresa Boggs

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Neina Ferguson, Michelle Johnson


This study examined healthcare professionals’ perceptions on feeding difficulties experienced by infants with NOWS, the involvement of SLP in care, knowledge and experience levels of professionals, and trends in education and follow up care. A 34-question survey was developed to obtain data from participants involved in the care of exposed infants using the secure webbased RedCap™ platform. Nonparametric inferential statistics and descriptive analysis were used to interpret data. Feeding difficulties in infants exposed were reported by all respondents with SLP involvement reported by 42.2%. Results found that 51.9% of respondents were confident in their ability to educate families about feeding difficult with 60% reported inadequate time to provide education. Discharge follow up was inconsistent amongst facilities. The study supports early involvement of SLPs to address feeding difficulties and improve education.

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Thesis - unrestricted


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