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MSAH (Master of Science in Allied Health)


Allied Health

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Committee Chair or Co-Chairs

Randy L. Byington

Committee Members

Lesley S. Bailey, Tabitha N. Fair, Esther L. Verhovsek


The dental community has a broad understanding of how traditional combustible cigarettes affect the oral cavity of the dental patient but there is little research available on the effects that e-cigarettes have on the patient’s dental health. Vaping products have been marketed as a healthier option over traditional combustible cigarettes. Since they were first introduced in 2003, very little research has been performed to understand their dental implications. This project was executed to investigate the chemicals associated with these vaping products and how they possibly contribute to the progression of periodontal disease. This research project was conducted with the contribution of 23 participants who confirmed the usage of vaping products via an anonymous online survey. Participants were dental patients of record at the University of Tennessee College of Dentistry. The data collected was analyzed and it was determined that there is a positive correlation between the use of e-cigarettes and the prevalence of periodontal disease.

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Thesis - unrestricted


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