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EdD (Doctor of Education)


Educational Leadership

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Nancy Dishner

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Charles Burkett, Hal Knight, Robert Spangler


There was no educational plan that served as a comprehensive model to more adequately prepare students for economic success as defined by securing and retaining employment in existing and prospective business settings. Tech Prep Professionals were asked questions on existing programs to investigate and develop an analysis of two on-site visits. The research questions were as follows: (1) What components comprised other Tech Prep Programs? (2) What differences and commonalties existed in the Tech Prep programs? (3) What impact, if any, did the demographics of the region have on the existing Tech Prep programs? (4) What procedures were followed in setting up Technical Preparation programs? (5) What commitments have been made toward the program by education, society, business/industry and government? Information was gathered both by requesting information from successful Technical Preparation programs already in existence as defined by Hull and Parnell, and by visiting institutions that have established programs. A week long visit was made to each of two sites and personal interviews were conducted. The combination of literature and on-site visits brought together important components that have helped in the analysis of a Tech Prep program. These components coupled with the people (people bank Appendix E) behind the scenes gave insight into the success of Tech Prep programs. This research provided postsecondary institutions with an analysis of Tech Prep that helped coordinate a program of study, as well as job preparation, for students of Southwest Virginia. Each component listed in Appendix D was very important to the total program. However there were three that seemed essential for the success of the program. Marketing, parent involvement, and a commitment from business/industry, would be an excellent foundation upon which to build any program.

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Dissertation - unrestricted


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