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MS (Master of Science)



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Gregory W. Bishop

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Catherine McCusker, Dane W. Scott


Compared to other instruments for chemical analyses, electrochemical analyzers are relatively simple, inexpensive, easy to miniaturize and require little-to-no maintenance. However, like all commercially available instruments, commercial electrochemical analyzers like potentiostats primarily operate as black boxes with manufacturers providing little or no information about internal circuitry and programming. This practice can limit a researcher’s ability to develop new techniques or adapt an instrument for applications outside its typical use. In contrast, creators of open-source instruments release all the necessary information for reproduction of the hardware and software – minimizing such barriers to innovation in chemical analyses. Here, we report a low-cost, compact potentiostat based on an open-source Arduino microcontroller capable of performing electrochemical analyses such as cyclic and linear sweep voltammetry with an operating range of ± 208 𝜇A and ± 2.5 V. Performance of the potentiostat is investigated with low-cost pencil graphite electrodes and compared to a commercial potentiostat.

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Thesis - embargo


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