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MA (Master of Arts)


Brand and Media Strategy

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Committee Chair or Co-Chairs

Susan E. Waters

Committee Members

Robert Andrew Dunn, Melanie B. Richards


This thesis explores the potential of Nigerian popular music as an approach to nation branding. The study employs qualitative content analysis to analyze select Nigerian music genres to examine how Nigeria is portrayed to international audiences and the economic benefits that can be derived from this form of branding. The analysis focuses on narrative themes of “the value of hard work,” “ethnic pride,” “lavish lifestyle,” and the impact of differences which were derived from the data. Findings indicate that Nigeria is globally reckoned for its musical prowess and rich cultural heritage. In highlighting the role of music in Nigeria’s political processes, the research demonstrates a growing sense of national identity and political awareness among the masses, thereby making a case for accountability and transparency in Nigeria’s governance. Additionally, music emerges as one of the major contributors to Nigeria’s economy, serving as a powerful tool for visibility and attracting foreign investments.

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Thesis - embargo


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