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PhD (Doctor of Philosophy)



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Julia Dodd

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Judy McCook, Diana Morelen, Stacey Williams


Infertility impacts numerous individuals during their reproductive journey. Yet, there is little research and information available that examines if having a history of infertility goes on to have further implications after an individual conceives and gives birth. Thus, the current study aimed to examine if infertility impacts the postpartum period, and if there were any particular risk or resiliency factors that contributed to this relationship. In this study, women aged 18 to 50, who had given birth within the last 12 months, participated in an online survey that assessed a variety of physical and mental health constructs. Overall, results largely exemplified that infertility does not go on to impact postpartum adjustment within in this particular sample of women who identified as having higher levels of education, perceived SES, and income. However, many of the covariates, such as SES, did correlate with postpartum outcomes. Findings highlight the resilience of this sample of women, despite previously experiencing stressful events.

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Dissertation - embargo


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