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PhD (Doctor of Philosophy)


Early Childhood Education

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Ruth Facun-Granadozo

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Jane Tingle Broderick, Linda May Fitzgerald


The aim of this qualitative research was to gain an in-depth understanding of how teachers of toddlers (aged 25-36 months) described sound and music learning opportunities and experiences provided to children in their learning environments. In this research, teachers were asked how their personal and professional experiences with sound and music influenced their planning of toddlers’ sound and music learning opportunities. The design of this study was in-depth interviews of six toddler lead teachers in three childcare sites. Data were gathered through photographs, planning documents, and in-depth interviews using a university IRB-approved video conferencing program. Findings showed that all participants valued the significance of sound and music and considered them to be sources of enjoyment and appreciation. However, participants provided sound and music learning opportunities based on their individual interpretations of sound and music. These interpretations were informed by their personal experiences with sound and music and their childcare sites' underlying philosophy and curricula. The findings of this study have relevance for various stakeholders, including early childhood educators, music teachers, school administrators, policymakers, and researchers, as they address issues related to sound and music teacher preparation, specifically in terms of providing consistent sound and music experiences for toddlers, designing optimal sound and music learning environments for them, and developing comprehensive curricula to provide a variety of opportunities for sound and music exploration.

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Dissertation - embargo


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