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MA (Master of Arts)


Brand and Media Strategy

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Robert A. Dunn

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Melanie Richards, Mildred F. Perreault


The research in this study aims to investigate the effectiveness of Twitch’s current advertising option, which includes mid-roll, pre-roll, and sponsored streams. It will focus on usefulness of content, brand credibility, purchase intent, and streamer credibility. Twitch has seen a surge in growth and attention in recent years, with an average of 31 million daily visitors and 1.3 trillion minutes watched globally in 2021 alone (Twitch Sales, 2022). However, despite Twitch’s growing popularity as an entertainment and entrepreneurship platform, little research has been conducted on the impact of its advertising options on brand perception. This study seeks to address this gap in literature by examining the effect of mid-roll, pre-roll, and sponsored streams on Twitch’s unique community-driven audience. To achieve this, the study employed a mixed-methods approach, utilizing both quantitative and qualitative data collection methods. First, a pre-survey was administered to participants to gather data on demographics, video game usage, and experience with Participants were then shown a 5-minute video containing different types of Twitch ads. After viewing the video, participants completed a post-survey to measure perception of their purchase intent and brand credibility. Overall, the study aims to provide valuable insights for marketers and advertisers looking to leverage the growing popularity of Twitch as an advertising platform.

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Thesis - unrestricted


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