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MS (Master of Science)



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Ingrid Luffman

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Andrew Joyner, Will Tollefson


This research estimated the spatial-temporal patterns of tornadoes in the continental United States from 1950-2019 using the National Weather Service Storm Prediction Center’s Severe Weather GIS (SVRGIS) database. This study employed Space-Time Cube Analysis and Linear Kernel Density (Kernel Density Linear Process, (KDLP)) rather than the standard Kernel Density Estimation (KDE) approach; to evaluate whether tornado hotspot locations and intensities shift over time.

The first phase of the study utilized KDLP to map changes in tornado hotspots and qualitatively assess decadal shifts in hotspot locations and intensities by occurrence and magnitude between decades using ArcGIS Pro and CrimeStat. Next an Emerging Hot Spot Analysis (EHSA) was employed to identify the changes in tornado occurrence and magnitude. ESHA results identified, by both occurrence and magnitude, significant intensifying hot spots in the Southeast region and diminishing hot spots in the Great Plains indicating an east-south-east shift.

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Thesis - embargo


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