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MA (Master of Arts)



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Kelly N. Foster, Martha Copp

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Leslie McCallister


The mind and body connection has been actively examined in neuroscience and developmental psychology backgrounds. Sociological theorists posit ways that individuals develop a sense of self through mind, body, and the social world. While research on the connection between the mind and body in disabled and aging populations is common, less is known of the everyday impact of these connections for other minority populations. The present study uses mixed-methods research to explore the relationship between mind and body and the impacts on internal and social life. The quantitative aspect of the study found significant relationships between physical and mental health for sexual and gender minorities (N = 788). The qualitative portion of the research consisted of interviews with sexual and/or gender minorities (N = 20). Interviews revealed central themes of ownership, oppression, and disconnection as a coping mechanism for external and internal body dissatisfaction.

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Thesis - unrestricted


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