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MS (Master of Science)



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Dane Scott

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Gregory Bishop, Theresa Eagle


Pesticide testing is of practical interest in various areas of today’s world due to their prevalence and toxicity. These areas include agriculture, environmental, chemical plants, and many others. Herbicides, like Roundup, contain secondary amines such as glyphosate. The ability to detect secondary amines could offer a method for glyphosate detection in agricultural and environmental samples. Secondary amines can interact with metal complexes through electron charge transfer. Such interactions can cause a change in the metal’s electron configuration and energy state and can be seen in the UV-Vis spectrum. Metal phthalocyanines (MPc’s) and other organometallic complexes have been of interest for these reasons and may be applicable to glyphosate detection without extensive laboratory tests. UV-Vis absorption can further provide quantitative measurements. An evaluation of FeTSPc’s ability to aid in remediation via adsorption supports was also examined.

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Thesis - unrestricted


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