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MS (Master of Science)



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Joseph R. Bidwell

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Thomas F. Laughlin, Ingrid Luffman


Previous work found significant differences in growth rates of native mussels at locations downstream from the regulated Walter’s Dam and the out-of-service, free-flowing Davy Crockett Dam. The purpose of this study is to investigate differences within the macroinvertebrate communities related to factors driving the differences in mussel growth between rivers. Macroinvertebrate samples were collected following the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation protocol for SQKICK collection and analyzed using the Tennessee Macroinvertebrate Index (TMI). There were no significant differences in TMI scores between the downstream sites of the rivers, but there were significant increases in chlorophylla, dissolved oxygen, and specific conductance downstream compared to upstream in both rivers. This suggests that these indices are suitable to identify pollution changes, but potentially not the productivity differences that impacted mussel growth.

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Thesis - unrestricted


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