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MS (Master of Science)



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Ashana Puri

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Brooke Schmeichel, Thomas Jones


Cromolyn sodium (CS) has clinically shown to be an effective topical remedy for atopic dermatitis, however its physiochemical properties prevent efficient passive drug delivery beyond the outermost skin layer. This project aimed to optimize CS gel formulations and applications to improve drug delivery to the dermis of skin by examining various topical enhancement strategies. Oleic acid, salcaprozate sodium, and microneedles were investigated as enhancers for their effect on skin permeation of CS. In vitro permeation studies across dermatomed porcine ear skin tested CS gels to determine 24-hour drug permeation profiles and skin layer distribution of drug. Further, extraction method efficiency, the enhancement mechanism of salcaprozate sodium, and gel stability were investigated. It was concluded that microneedle pretreatment delivered the greatest amount of CS to the dermis using a 4% CS gel without chemical enhancement. These results provide a promising option for a commercially available topical treatment of atopic dermatitis.

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Thesis - embargo


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