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MA (Master of Arts)



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Kelly E. Moore

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Meredith Ginley, Billy Brooks


Research on factors that predict opioid cravings is lacking. Anhedonia may be a predictor of cravings and particularly relevant to cravings when people struggle to regulate emotions but has yet to be examined among justice-involved populations. This study aimed to examine the relationship between anhedonia, opioid cravings, and emotion dysregulation (ED) in this population. Participants completed several measures. The results showed that anhedonia and opioid cravings were significantly related at the bivariate level, but not in moderation models. The DERS-36 total score and ‘DERS Impulse’ subscale had a significant, positive effect on cravings in moderation models. In a higher severity sample of people who used heroin, there was a significant interaction wherein the relationship between anhedonia and cravings was positive at high levels of difficulty controlling behaviors when distressed. These findings indicate the need to understand how anhedonia and ED influence opioid cravings among justice-involved people with severe heroin use.

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