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MA (Master of Arts)


Brand and Media Strategy

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A. Chase Mitchell

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Kelly Price, D. Stokes Piercy


Though often seen as a panacea for organizational objectives, nonprofits must be judicious in deploying social media, particularly due to resource limitations. Nonprofits deploy many types and styles of digital texts, including social media. Classical rhetorical appeals can be effective means for achieving positive impact in that context. When used correctly, these ‘digital texts’ can be leveraged for maximum engagement with audiences. This study examines both a large, national organization – the National Sexual Violence Resource Center – and a small, regional one – Branch House Family Justice Center – for not only what sort of digital texts are utilized, but also how rhetorical appeals play into building narratives. A census of postings is taken, categorized, and organized. Findings suggest these appeals can and are used for strategic effect in nonprofit contexts. In addition to ethos, logos, and pathos, Kairos is drawn upon to construct organizational narrative in the pursuit of organizational goals.

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Thesis - embargo


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