Degree Name

MS (Master of Science)


Computer and Information Sciences

Date of Award


Committee Chair or Co-Chairs

Ghaith Husari

Committee Members

Brian Bennett, Stephen Hendrix


With the rapid growth of crime data, overwhelming amounts of electronic evidence need to be stored and shared with the relevant agencies. Without addressing this challenge, the sharing of crime data and electronic evidence will be highly inefficient, and the resource requirements for this task will continue to increase. Relational database solutions face size limitations in storing larger amounts of crime data where each instance has unique attributes with unstructured nature.

In this thesis, the Electronic Evidence Locker (EEL) was proposed and developed to address such problems. The EEL was built using a NoSQL database and a C# website for querying stored data. Baseline results were collected to measure the growth of required machine resources (in memory and time) using various test cases and larger datasets. The results showed that search time is more impacted by the search direction in the data than the addition of the query search conditions.

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Thesis - embargo


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