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MS (Master of Science)


Engineering Technology

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Joseph Paul Sims

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Dana Eckerle Harrison, David Aaron Golden


The process to identify and describe target markets can be challenging for marketers due to the complexity of B2B markets and industrial products. This case-based study aims to bridge the gap between theory and praxis by developing a process to determine target markets for Siemens SIMATIC controllers, which are highly technological products designed for process control and used in industrial applications. The author conducted a literature review to investigate the current understanding of B2B market segmentation and target marketing and collected qualitative data from Siemens. This study defines segmentation variables leveraging segmentation models as a foundation to build and describe customer clusters. Next, target markets for SIMATIC controllers, focused on redundant systems, are selected and mapped. On that basis, the author derives a process for reviewing and defining target markets for the existing controller portfolio and future product launches.

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Thesis - embargo


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