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MA (Master of Arts)


Brand and Media Strategy

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Susan Waters

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Stephen Marshall, Chase Mitchell


Black Lives Matter (BLM) has been a concern in the US since 2013, thereby becoming an increasing interest. Several US corporations’ attention has been drawn to BLM due to its radical strategy on social media to facilitate engagements. Research shows that a company's engagement in activism by taking a stance on socio-political issues often records growth. Also, scholars have focused on corporate responses to BLM through the lenses of the implications or intentions of the brand’s engagement. This study, however, analyzes 236 corporate Instagram BLM posts through the lenses of the attributes of their responses. It is assumed that brand responses should be significant in respect to clarity and intentionality. Therefore, to answer the research questions, a five-coding scheme was created. Results suggested that a brand’s frequency of responses to BLM, direct reference to BLM, and response content influence followers’ engagement and speak volumes of their stance while addressing BLM.

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Thesis - embargo


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