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EdD (Doctor of Education)


Educational Leadership

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Jill Channing

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Don Good, Amy Moreland, Jasmine Renner


A major focus of policymakers in recent years has been community colleges, which have been viewed as potential engines for economic advancement and student success. I examined the leadership history of Roane State Community College, a two-year institution of higher learning serving a nine-county service area mostly in rural East Tennessee as perceived by individuals who have served as the college’s presidents. Five current and former presidents were interviewed about their experiences as president and their perceptions of the college’s history. Narrative research was used to recount a history of Roane State Community College, and the key events and factors shaping it, as well the role played by various leaders. The results of this study illuminate the history of Roane State Community College, provide insight into the leadership of community colleges in general, and add to the literature on the history of community colleges in the U.S. Among the findings were that the founding of Roane State, funding concerns, the establishment of satellite campuses, the use of technology, and the establishment of Pellissippi State Community College were considered among the key historical events. Participants also reported that they valued collaborative, consensus-building styles of leadership.

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Dissertation - unrestricted


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