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MA (Master of Arts)



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Julia C. Dodd

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Andrea D. Clements, Kelly E. Moore


Many individuals experience barriers to accessing medical care, especially in rural areas. Some barriers are attitudinal and represent perceptions of quality care. Patient satisfaction and perceived need for medical care are two such attitudinal barriers related to health care utilization, yet the relationship between these variables has not been explored. Using data from an online survey, the current study examined the association between these variables, and further, whether rurality status moderated this association. Results indicated a significant correlation between patient satisfaction and perception of need. Although the overall moderation model was significant, perception of need was not significantly associated with patient satisfaction, and rurality status did not significantly moderate the relationship. However, the covariates of sexual orientation and income did significantly predict patient satisfaction. This study highlights the complex associations of patient satisfaction, as well as the importance of social determinants of health in patients’ perceptions of quality of care.

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Thesis - unrestricted


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