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PhD (Doctor of Philosophy)


Sport Physiology and Performance

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Michael H. Stone

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Kevin M. Carrol, Andrew C. Fry, W. Guy Hornsby


The primary purpose of this dissertation was to investigate the effect of training status on adaptations to resistance training. A secondary purpose of this dissertation was to investigate the relationship between subjective and objective forms of monitoring resistance training (RT). The benefits of RT are well understood but training status may be a major influence on training outcomes. Fifteen males of various training status were recruited for this study. Subjects completed 11 weeks of block periodization (BP) training. Subjects were tested for absolute strength (ABS) and relative strength (REL) in the barbell back squat, 0kg and 20kg static jumps (SJ) and 0kg and 20kg countermovement jumps (CMJ). Initial levels of ABS and REL were significantly correlated with rates of improvement for ABS, REL, and SJ and CMJ values. All subjects statistically improved ABS (p

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Dissertation - embargo


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