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MA (Master of Arts)



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Matthew Holtmeier

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Mark Baumgartner, Alan Holmes


Moby Dick, House of Leaves, and Ex Machina portray characters that rely on a form of technology to navigate their respective environments. As such, their settings are remediated spaces – spaces understood through their relationship with technology. The inhabitants of remediated spaces inherently resemble the cyborg as their perspectives fuse with machines in their understanding of space. Captain Ahab from Moby Dick must rely on his ivory leg and ship for mobility, often merging himself with the machine of the vessel. House of Leaves provides a space and family that exist exclusively within the confines of found footage, fusing technology and humanity through layers of remediation. Ex Machina illustrates a gynoid escaping an imprisoning facility, a machine called Ava that physically resembles a human. Using theorists such as Donna Haraway and Henri Lefebvre, this thesis explores connections between technology and space.

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Thesis - unrestricted


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