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MS (Master of Science)



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Mohammad Moin Uddin

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William Hemphill, Keith Johnson


Machinists are skilled tradespeople responsible for running a variety of machine tools to produce precision components for end-users or use in other manufacturing. This project identifies the current and future change in the number of machinists in the Tri-Cities area, especially the five-county service area of Northeast State Community College. Using an industry survey, the need for machinists is identified and evaluated to understand local employers’ needs. The results indicate industry needs more machinist to keep up with demand, as 6 out of 14 companies have open positions and, 8 reported difficulty filling openings. Furthermore, most companies are growing or stable overall, but have an average 15% of their machinists eligible to retire. The survey results show a need for more students to enroll in programs, such as the Machine Tool degree, or even for regional policy changes to encourage more young people to pursue machining.

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Thesis - unrestricted


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