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MS (Master of Science)


Speech-Language Pathology

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Chaya Guntupalli

Committee Members

Brenda Louw, C. Allen Gorman, Miriam van Mersbergen


Objective: The purpose of this study was to identify employers’ perceptions of young women using glottal fry and the impact on hirability.

Methods: A survey was created using the online survey tool, REDCapÒ, and sent to employers across the southern United States. The survey contained three voice samples consisting of a non-glottal fry voice, a glottal fry at the end of sentences voice, and a continuous glottal fry voice, fourteen semantic differential scales derived from hiring constructs, and open-ended questions on hirability.

Results: Employers perceived individuals using glottal fry as more negative than the individual who used no glottal fry. Employers indicated they were less likely to hire individuals who use glottal fry compared to individuals who do not use glottal fry.

Conclusion: The presence of glottal fry negatively impacts employers’ perceptions of young women and her perceived hirability. The results of this study demonstrate the relationship between vocal quality and listener perceptions.

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Thesis - unrestricted


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