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Dr. Tom Lee

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Dr. Dinah Mayo-Bobee, Dr. Stephen Fritz


Influences on the interpretation of Tipton-Haynes State Historic Site have caused many alterations to the site and the presentation of its history. Scholars have described how public history sites have continually expanded their interpretations as growing desires and interests from external influences such as the general public, state agencies, and donors. However, Tipton-Haynes has also faced many internal influences. While the creators of the site aided in the limitation and exclusion of the site’s vital history, over time the involvement and opinions of the board of trustee members, directors, and staff shaped an increasingly inclusive and expansive interpretation of the site. Therefore, the experience at Tipton-Haynes suggests that scholars should also consider the innerworkings of a historic site and the opinions of not just the community but also the opinions and choices of the people involved in the site and its creation. The inclusivity allows for a more expansive history while also creating new connections between the history of Tipton-Haynes and the general public.

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