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Hubert Horatio Humphrey never reached the Oval Office, but his accomplishments during his tenure as mayor, senator, and Vice President are just as noteworthy. During Humphrey’s political career he played a pivotal role in the most influential period of liberal American politics. During his youth and college years Humphrey became learned how to remain loyal to the people around him, and about the racial divisions of the South. Most research on Vice President Humphrey analyzes his time as a Senator, Vice President, and the 1968 Presidential election. The Life and Political Career of Hubert Humphrey, examines Humphrey’s life in its entirety through themes and life lessons as he became the conscience of the nation. Furthermore, The Life and Political Career of Hubert Humphrey, examines the relationship between President Lyndon B. Johnson and Vice President Humphrey and how Humphrey’s loyalty caused with the nation’s conscience to fall short of his lifelong goal.

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