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MA (Master of Arts)



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Anna V. Knutson

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Sharon James McGee, Phyllis Thompson


In first-year composition courses, there are three aspects of teaching that are researched well so far: disclosure of trauma in student writing, instructor feedback, and emotional labor. The disclosure of trauma is almost completely unavoidable in first-year composition. We encounter an issue with instructor feedback; how do we provide feedback to student writing, like grammar and mechanics, when the student has disclosed trauma in the writing? Additionally, we can build off this with emotional labor, which already occurs consistently in teaching but is heightened in this instance. When providing feedback to a student who has disclosed trauma, this can be emotionally taxing on the instructor, as they may have to hide emotions regarding feedback to disclosure. How can the instructor manage their emotional labor in this instance – or how can instructors provide feedback to student disclosure of trauma in a manner that both prioritizes the student and instructor’s mental health?

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